Miss papillon
” I asked for matching outfits for my two girls. I wanted something special, and Nouveauletta fully understood what I wanted.  I loved sharing the surprise while opening the gift wrapped box, trying the clothing on my girls.  It was just too cute! Nicely cut and beautiful colours! My girls love to wear their dresses; they know somebody made it especially for them.  They are so proud of wearing their dresses, that they show them to their friends.  It’s like being a part of a fairy tale!  Thank you and long life to Nouveauletta! You’re going to make many more kids happy and make them feel special and awesome!” Rachel Levy Kollmann, of Zurich Switzerland 

surf summer fish shorts and dress line

“I am very conscious about over-consumption and overspending, especially when it comes to children’s clothing. I love the fact that Nouveauletta’s products are upcycled. They are one of a kind! Who could imagine that a woman’s skirt could be upcycled into a beautiful baby summer dress and baby summer shorts! Personally, I prefer to purchase something that I know where it came from, who made it, and how it was made.” Maddalena Pavese, of Rome Italy 

Dolce confetti bonnet & matching botties“The crochet baby shoes perfectly fit my baby’s feet, for going outside in spring and early summer. The colours are beautiful (pastel light green and rose). Very fine handmade work. I just love the baby hat! My baby girl has worn it very often in spring and in autumn (it stretches a little bit, so it lasts for a few seasons). The little bows make the hat and the baby shoes a small piece of art. Nouveauletta knows how to pay attention to fine details, like the very tasteful colours – light green with the pink bows and hedging on the baby hat.” Eva Fuchshuber, of Vienna Austria

Stellina bianca ensemble dress and bolero” I ordered three dresses, a skirt, a bonnet and scarf and a short-sleeved shirt. I love the patterns. Nouveauletta fabrics have proved to be of excellent quality. I think this brand is super cute. Love the textile and the way some of the outfits are a mix of textures. Never experienced problems with delivery. I really recommend this brand, especially if you like something special, unique and tailor made for your little ones!” Chiara Mariani, of Rome Italy