Nouveauletta’s handmade creations for babies & children combine up-cycle fabrics with comfortable, contemporary and classic style apparel & accessories inspired from nature’s fluffy clouds.

Why clouds? Because clouds are like yarn and fabric: the are soft, light and can take on any forms we wish to give them!

Our vision is to design and create clothing that is comfortable, feels soft, captures the magic nature of childhood and respects the environment.  We believe in the power of up-cycling, we find new purpose for unwanted textile. While you may find that handmade clothing is more expensive than the deals you can get at H&M or ZARA (to name a couple big players of the fast fashion industry), it is a price worth paying, considering that you can look dashing while making a positive impact towards safeguarding our environement.



What better way to capture and illustrate the imaginary, magic, fairy-world of babies & children than with a little cloud?

Clouds are shape-shifters, they take any form we give them, just like our products.

Nouveauletta captures the novelty of our clothes, as well as the brand's Italian heritage. “Nouveau” is French for “new” and “Nuvoletta” is Italian for “little cloud”.  Put together and voilà Nouveauletta - uniquecute apparel for children 0-5 years.